5 Causes of Eye Wrinkles That You Should Never Ignore

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October 8, 2015
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5 Causes of Eye Wrinkles That You Should Never Ignore


Have you ever wondered what really causes wrinkles around and under the eyes? Skin around the eyes is the thinnest (0.05mm thick) and the most delicate skin of the body. This is why it is easy to develop fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Eye wrinkles come in two different types: around the outer corners of the eyes and under the eyes. Those around the outer corners of eyes are referred to as crow’s feet. Wrinkles happen due to a number of reasons, aging being the most common among them. But age related wrinkles appear on face and hands in late 40s. If you are struggling with premature wrinkling around the eyes, then this can be attributed to your poor skincare regimen.

Here are 5 causes of eye wrinkles that you should never ignore:

Avoid Sunlight:

The most common and the most destructive element to your skin is the ultraviolet radiation coming from direct sunlight exposure. We totally understand that avoiding sunlight completely is not possible but you can minimize the chances of damage by wearing sunscreen lotion when going out. With tanning trend increasing in young people, most youngsters love spending days out in sun, and since they go out with an aim to tan, they don’t apply sun block. Due to this premature wrinkling around the eyes is increasing day by day. Even if you want to tan, apply sunscreen lotion around the eyes at least. Wearing sunglasses when out in sun can also help avoid eye wrinkles.

Stay Hydrated:

If your skin is not hydrated adequately, it will become dry and cracked, increasing chances of wrinkling. And the skin around the eyes being highly delicate, takes the effect the most. The easiest way to keep your skin hydrated is to increase your fluid consumption, especially water. This will help keep the skin hydrated from inside out. Also use some natural humectant like honey for added benefit. There is a variety of anti-aging wrinkle creams available in the market to slow down and reverse wrinkling process. Buy one containing anti oxidants and start using it at a very young age – better in your 20s.

Manage Stress:

Stress is among the major contributors of premature facial wrinkling – especially wrinkles around the eyes. Stress can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from lack of sleep to hectic routine, relationship issues, smoking etc. Whatever the reason may be behind your stressed life, its impact on your skin and eyes will be same. Besides that frowning and squinting can also cause eye wrinkles. If you wish to enjoy sparking eyes free of wrinkles and fine lines, simply manage the stress in your life.

See what you eat:

Whatever you eat or drink translates into your skin and hair. Your diet plays a key role in creating or eliminating eye wrinkles. Excessive consumption of sugar is not only unhealthy for your overall health, but can also cause wrinkles here and there, especially around the eyes. This is because excessive consumption of sugar damages collagen in your body – the building block of skin – and this makes skin more elastic and wrinkly. Cut on sugar and increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables because they are rich in antioxidants your body needs to keep skin in its best form and shape. Also, avoid processed and junk foods.

Excessive facial expression:

Facial expressions comprise the best way of non-verbal communication. But kinds of expression that involve frequent muscle movements, or stretch and fold the skin continuously make you prone to wrinkling. Frowning and squinting are two expressions that are most commonly associated with eye wrinkles. Squinting in particular is responsible for the appearance of crow’s feet around the outer corners of eyes. Even when laughing or smiling, you develop a number of lines and wrinkles on your face, but this is obviously unavoidable.

If you want to enjoy a youthful face with sparkling, wrinkle free eyes even in your 50s, follow these above mentioned tips. For a customized advice on dark circles treatment in dubai, contact us now and let our experts guide you. We also offer online consultations. To book and appointment, fill the form below.

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