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As you age, two dramatic changes occur to your skin; your face begins to lose volume and wrinkles start appearing all over the face. These changes to your facial contours not only affect your appearance but also give you an elderly look, which nobody wants, at least women doesn’t. Just a couple of decades ago, it was quite difficult to restore the youthfulness of skin. But nowadays there are countless treatment options available to rejuvenate your skin and add fullness to your facial features, courtesy medical researchers. Dermal fillers make one excellent option to slow down the aging process and keep wrinkles at bay.

There are countless plastic surgery clinics around the world which offer facial rejuvenation through soft tissue fillers. If you are presently in the United Arab Emirates and looking for a renowned facility where you could get treated irksome facial wrinkles or enhance your facial contours, then fillers dubai is an internationally renowned plastic surgery facility known for Dermal Fillers treatments.


Services that we offer:

Here at fillers dubai, we use dermal fillers to:

  • Treat facial wrinkles and etched furrows
  • Fill in deep acne scars and other depressions
  • Enhance facial contours
  • Treat expression lines (laugh lines and frown lines)
  • Plump up or redefine thin lips and sagging cheeks
  • Reduce deep, etched furrows around the eyes
  • Treat under-eye bags and dark circles

DCS offers a number of other cosmetic procedures as well, including hair transplant in dubai, laser treatments, skincare treatments, fat removal and slimming treatment, reconstructive plastic surgery and breast augmentation.

Our team:

Success of filler treatment is directly related to the expertise of the physician performing the procedure. Our team of doctors consists of plastic surgeons who are not only well trained and highly qualified, but are also highly competent and have a vast experience of administering filler injections. Our dedicated and highly qualified specialists use premium products in a clinical environment equipped with state of the art facilities, to make sure each and every client gets exactly the same cosmetic appearance that he or she desires.

About Fillers dubai:

Established in 2004 by an American Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Farhat Bokhari (late), Dubai Cosmetic Surgery has emerged as a leading cosmetic and restorative surgery center operating in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) as well as in Pakistan (Islamabad and Lahore).

Dermal fillers treatment is performed daily at fillers dubai during regular visits. You do not need any special pre or post-procedure preparation. Most of our patients come to the clinic during lunch break, get the treatment done and go right back to their workplace to resume their routine work. If you want to know more about the procedure make a free online consultation now and discuss your case with one of our internationally renowned cosmetic plastic surgeons.

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