Are Dermal Fillers the Best to Treat lines on the Forehead?

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February 20, 2014
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February 14, 2015
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Are Dermal Fillers the Best to Treat lines on the Forehead?


Beauty, the qualities of vigor and freshness are the characteristics that every woman wishes to have forever. Females, since their early age, are concerned about their personalities, their appearances, beauty, looks and style. As they grow older they start doing various activities to make themselves much more attractive. For example, Girls with dark complexion use whitening facials, fairness creams and other remedies, while girls with chubby body structure visit gyms and slimming centers to improve their physique and to look smarter. Celebrities are idealized and considered to be role model. These beauty and style icons are then copied in various ways, sometimes their hair color, hair-do or make over is copied and sometimes their costumes, shoes and accessories are copied.

But as they say, everything has its end and therefore one’s beauty and freshness also fades with time. This is called aging. Women everywhere are so obsessed with their age and beauty that they try to hide their growing age by using several cosmetic products and by undergoing various cosmetic surgeries or procedures.

Facial wrinkles and lines are apparent indicators of the aging process. They are visible on the skin’s surface in the form of thin crumples, deep furrows and faint streaks. On the forehead they can appear in two forms; horizontal lines and vertical lines. The horizontal lines are visible between the eyebrows and hairline. They are generally known as forehead rows and are produced by recurring and inflated uplifting of the eyebrows and the forehead. Excessive sunlight exposure, without appropriate sunblock creams and polluted environment can make these lines more prominent and engraved over the period of time. Hence good care should be taken in order to slacken the visibility of these lines. The vertical lines are visible above the nose and between the eyebrows and are commonly called glabellar scowl lines. These lines can look like number “11” carved on the face.

Several techniques and cosmetic procedures are applied aiming to diminish the visibility of the forehead lines. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams can be used for the said purpose but they are slow in giving the output, and in this fast paced world you need the results of everything you do, immediately. Cosmetic surgeries and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox and Restylane are also applicable depending upon the condition of the wrinkles. Perhaps nothing is more rewarding for you, being a cosmetic patient, then having an immediate correction of the forehead lines and creases.

You can choose the cosmetic procedure according to your specific requirements. Dermal fillers is the commonly used treatment for the forehead lines as it is inexpensive, safe, hypo-allergic, painless to inject, and obviously the best thing about them is that they can provide you with instant results. The results are not permanent but they last up to 6 to 8 months giving you a natural under the skin look with minimal risk of complications and no down time for the patient. The dermal filler is injected into area of concern aiming to have the predicted results. Therefore you can now relish the youthful appearance in a shortest span of time, say a couple of hours without any cut or scar. You are now set free from the hassle of using a lot of anti-aging and wrinkle free creams and even then not getting the desired results over a period of time.

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