Are Thin Or Thinning Lips a Concern?

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April 20, 2015
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May 23, 2015
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Are Thin Or Thinning Lips a Concern?


Everybody is unique and beautiful in his or her own way. Some are tall some are shot, some have got fair complexion, others are tan, some have big black eyes while others stare at you with their dazzling colored eyes. Every feature on your face is unique and different from people around you and same is the case with lips. Some are born with noticeable seductive lips while others have to live with thin lips for their entire life.

While plumped up lips with a seductive pout are considered as a beauty symbol nowadays, even thin lips don’t look that odd and weird. All that is needed to look beautiful and attractive is your level of confidence – how you feel about yourself. Wear those thin lips with a confidence and be proud of your facial features, I can bet nobody will be able to even notice the size and shape of your lips or nose or cheek bones. Even those with fuller, plumped up lips face the problem of thinning lips in their old age, so what’s the big deal?

But if you are still bothered by your small, thin lips, you don’t need to worry. Advancements in technology have ensured that you can alter almost every part of your body, leave aside facial features. Gone are the days when you had to go under the knife to get your desired look. Nowadays most of facial features can be altered with just a couple of injections – Dermal Fillers. From volumizing thin lips to nose reshaping to plumping up sagging cheeks, all can be done with these soft facial fillers.

Dermal fillers are products, both natural and synthetic, that are injected between the skin and the soft tissues to add volume to that area. When used for plumping up thin lips, Lip Fillers are injected at some pre-determined spots around the lips and they instantly add volume to those areas. Results of the procedure can be seen immediately afterwards and last for six to twelve months, depending on the type of the fillers injected.

Administering lip fillers is a very simple and quick yet technical procedure that should be done only by the board certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Getting the procedure done by some inexperienced doctor or a nurse practitioner can deform your lips or result in formation of visible lumps in the lips.

If you are interested in getting Lip Fillers in Dubai, visit us now and get it done by our internationally recognized cosmetic dermatologist dubai. We also offer free online consultations. If you have any queries or want to book a consultation now, just fill the form below and let our experts guide you.

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