Cost of Dermal Fillers

There are many kinds of dermal fillers that one can choose from in order to get rid of wrinkles and other facial skin problems. These are temporary solutions which generally offer relief for from six months to a couple of years. The fillers vary in their efficacy, the type of functions they perform and the amount of time that they remain effective for.

The cost of these solutions too differs from each other based on the above mentioned factors. We shall look into the performance and the cost of some of these options in the following lines.


It is an FDA approved treatment for smile lines. Unlike most other options, it is not absorbable in the body. Doctors that administer the treatment are required to take training. It is injected into the deep dermal layer which is below the wrinkle and just above the layer of fat in the skin. The effect of the injection can last up to four to five years which make it a long term solution. The price of this product is higher than most dermal fillers and generally costs more than a $1200 per syringe.


It is manufactured from hyaluronic acid which is founds in muscles, skin and tendons of mammals. It is FDA approved for being used to treat wrinkles. The main objective of this dermal filler is tosoften the folds on the skin and reduce the wrinkles on the smile lines. It can remain effective from six to nine months depending on the individual case. Its cost is lower than some other similar solutions and a syringe is generally around $550.

Fat Injections

Fat injections are given to areas where a lift work is needed. On the face, these are generally injected in the cheeks and lips to give them a fuller look. The procedure has to be carried out with precision in order to confirm that the desired results are obtained. The generally effective period of these injections cane be between six to twelve months. The price also varies and can cost $1500 to $2500 per syringe.


It is formulated from hyaluronic acid obtained from non-animal sources. It is an FDA approved drug and is used to correct the wrinkles caused at the smile lines. It is also used for lip enhancements. These generally last for around six months though this period can vary in individual cases.

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