Different Types of Restylane Fillers and Its Benefits

restylaneRestylane® fillers are a non-surgical treatment to restore and erase all signs of facial aging. It is dermal filler that contains a clear hyaluronic acid-base gel that is used by injecting into problem areas where wrinkles and fine lines are prominently visible. Restylane has always been one of the most in demand kind of filler in the cosmetic surgery world for the reason that it not only helps restore the youthful aesthetic of the face and skin but also for its other benefits which include restoring the natural moisture of the skin, restores the youthful glow of the face and erase all kinds of wrinkles and fines which can make any person look older than their real age.

The hyaluronic acid content found in Restylane is the same component found in our body which makes the skin look young and supple. As all people age, we all lose a large amount of hyaluronic acid together with skin fat, collagen and elastin that are usually found in our body. This can eventually cause the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, folds and sunken hallow cheeks which can make us look old and gray. Restylane fillers are the best choice to restoring all these signs of aging for it contains a natural ingredient that is normally found in our body, so mostly there will be no harm done.

Types of Restylane®

There are different types of Restylane fillers that could address different types of cosmetic problems and issues. As we all know different patients have different cosmetic problems, and by choosing Restylane fillers, patients may have the option of what type to use. This is especially favorable for those who have a certain treatment goal and effect.

Restylane Touch is a type of filler that is more focused on fine line sand wrinkles alone. This type of treatment only uses the smallest particle of Restylane which can fill the tiniest crevices in your face. It is usually only injected below the skin, best to treat wrinkles around the mouth and the sides of the eyes. It can also help restore the firmness of the skin and help it look more youthful.

Another type of this dermal filler is the Restylane Perlane. Unlike the Restylane touch, Perlane uses the largest particle size to fill in and correct deep fold, lines and wrinkles. Perlane is also best for filling in lips to add volume and plumpness to it. Surgeon usually uses a syringe and injects this type of dermal filler into the deeper layer of the skin. To evenly distribute the filler into the areas being treated, your cosmetic surgeon must massage the injected filler for a more natural and even effect.

Restylane SubQ is another type of dermal filler that often used to contour and add volume to the face. It containsnon-animal stabilized Hyaluronic Acid based gel that instantly adds volume to the face. It can help enhance features like cheekbones and chin by correcting facial symmetry. It is usually injected deep into the skin to fill in hollow cheeks and enhance cheekbones and other prominent bone structures.

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