Ellanse Fillers: The Most Long Lasting Dermal Fillers

ellanseJust like any other available dermal fillers e.g( restylane fillers ), Ellanse is one of the most longer-lasting and cost-effective beauty treatment available in the cosmetics world.  Ellanse fillers are used to erase wrinkles and folds, volumize hallow areas of the cheeks, and contour and enhance prominent features of the face. It can also be used to sculpt certain areas of the face to enhance the whole aesthetic of a person’s facial features. This type of treatment is used as an injectable which can be used as a deep dermal and sub-dermal implantation. To possible future patients, rest assured thatimmediate results and effects are seen after the procedure is done.

The Best Candidates for Ellansé™ Fillers

Both men and women who are facing the dilemma of early signs of aging are the best candidates for Ellanse fillers. This botox treatment is best for individuals who have deep creases and folds in areas of the face like the mouth, nose and eye area. It can also restore volume to people who look haggard with sunken cheeks. Ellanse fillers are also best for covering up visible facial scars and tighten up loose sagging skin. Patients who seek for a full effect of face lift surgical procedure but who wish to do it without going under the knife are the best candidates for Ellanse fillers treatment procedure.

Benefits of Using Ellansé™ Fillers

Compared to other dermal fillers, Ellanse gives out an immediate result which is a big advantage for patients who cannot wait for longer period of time to see results. It also only require one session for the full effect of the treatment to be seen. This type of treatment is very cost-effective for patients who are running short on budget and who do not have insurance to cover the paychecks for their beauty enhancement dreams. Ellanse fillers is composed of Polycaprolactone which is used just like any other dermal fillers and is administered in a syringe pre-formulated that flows like a smoother version of Radiesse fillers. This type of dermal filler can used to enhance different areas of the face like the temples, cheekbones, chin, ear lobes, eyes, lips and nose. Out of all these benefits mentioned there is one main reason why using Ellanse fillers beats out other dermal fillers available in the market; this has got to be the longevity of its effects. Ellanse can last longer compared to other conventional fillers. It can last up to four years depending on the variety of Ellanse filler used.

Four Varieties of Ellansé™ Fillers

Ellanse fillers work by stimulating the body’s own natural collagen for a long lasting beauty enhancement results.  The four varieties of Ellanse fillers allow the patients to choose from different options of how long the results would last. The four varieties include Ellanse-S which lasts for one year, Ellanse-M for two years, Ellanse -L for three years and Ellanse -E for 4 years. All these four varieties are perfect for people who do not wish to go for repetitive sessions to make their botox treatment last longer.

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