Enhance your Facial Contours with Facial Filler Injections

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February 14, 2014
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February 18, 2014
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Enhance your Facial Contours with Facial Filler Injections

Enhance your facial contours with facial filler injections

Medical science has come up with numerous ways of making the physical appearance better and has made it possible for you in many ways. Now you can get advantage from a lot of cosmetic procedures for aging and enlightening your appearance. Hence we can say that now you can go beyond these wrinkles.  One of the major challenges that the cosmetic surgeons are facing in this regard is to report the volume loss and to maintain the youthfulness and freshness of skin. But the dermatologists are comfortably meeting these facial rejuvenation challenges, courtesy Facial Filler injections. These fillers, also called “liquid facelifts” are primarily used to help get back the volume of various facial features to maintain youthful appearance. Nevertheless, they are also used for minimization of the smile lines, wrinkles, the lines on the forehead, the lines between the eyes, saggy cheeks and the lower part of the face.

You just need to go through an appropriate research in this regard to select the best cosmetic surgeon in the town who won’t let your money go in the trash by using a combination of fillers to lift your cheeks, give them a plump look, remove the lines around the eyes, lips and on the forehead to give you a wrinkle free fresh, healthy and young look. Facial filler injections constitute a cosmetic treatment that can restore the lost volume of your facial features. It is best for the purpose of smoothening the wrinkles or the unevenness caused by acne marks on the facial skin. They can also be used for fullness of the lips. These soft tissue fillers, when injected into the area of concern, give a fuller, plump look by raising that area.

There are different types of facial filler injections available and one can use according to the best suitable for the particular skin part. For instance, Hyaluronic–acid based gels such as perlane and enduring Radiesse and Sculptra are considered to be the best for attaining volume to the saggy cheeks.

For some of the facial filler injections, your skin is initially numbed using an anesthetic but the collagen fillers consists of a numbing medication mixed within them to give the numb effect. After this the cosmetic surgeon or your dermatologist injects the filler in the area of concern, using a needle.   It is the biggest advantage of this cosmetic treatment that it has no downtime and will leave you on bed for weeks after the procedure is done.

Though the results of these injections are not permanent, you can enjoy smooth, wrinkle-free skin and plumped up facial features on an average from 6 months to a year. These fillers basically give a well-defined contour to your facial features and a natural look, mostly using your own body fat, without any cut, without any surgery. Another aspect associated with these facial filler injections is that they can be used in reestablishing the shape and the lost volume of the facial features. This can ultimately hide the aging signs to give you a younger look. The thinner the part of the skin, the more deeply it would be injected to minimize the risk of any possible wrongdoings.

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