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Are you looking for an anti-wrinkle treatment that bears quick and significant results and are not bothered by the longevity of the treatment? If your answer is yes, Face fillers or soft tissue fillers may be the option for you.

Facial Fillers comprise an effective, non-invasive treatment option for improving your cosmetic appearance. Plumping up the sagging cheeks with injectable Face Fillers has become more popular in Aesthetic Medicine than the more traditional approach of filling in creases and fine lines. As you age, the level of collagen (a naturally occurring substance responsible for connecting and supporting tissues) in your body decreases considerably, leading to loose and wrinkled skin. However, with injectable dermal fillers now you can easily add volume to the folds and creases in the areas of the face that have lost collagen and fat due to aging process.

What are Face Fillers?

Face Fillers or soft tissue fillers are products like collagen, calcium hydroxyl apatite and hyaluronic acid, which enliven your facial skin by:

  • Eliminating wrinkles
  • Replacing soft tissues underneath your skin that you lose with age
  • Elevating scar depressions, and
  • Plumping up sagging cheeks

How do Face Fillers work?

Face Filler, natural or synthetic, is administered directly into the skin with a very fine needle. Entire Face Filler treatment involves a series of injections at the sub-dermal levels. The drug fills in the lines and scar depressions, adding volume to the targeted area. The amout of filler required depends on the size and depth of skin defect that requires treatment. The average length of procedure is about 15 to 20 minutes per session, depending upon the patient and the number of areas that need treatment.

Are Face fillers long lasting?

Generally the results obtained from Face Fillers are temporary, commonly lasting from 3 to 6 months. However, semi-permanent and permanent fillers are also available. Mostly these permanent and semi-permanent fillers are used for lip augmentation but you can discuss it with your doctor before getting the injection.

What are the side effects of Face Fillers?

Like any other injection, this procedure also causes slight swelling and bruising at the injection site. However, normal swelling and bruising goes away at its own in a couple of hours. Some other common side effects that have been reported by patients include numbness, temporary redness or discoloration, itching etc. Do not ignore these side effects and call your doctor as soon as you notice symptoms of any allergic reaction any time (hours or weeks) after getting the filler.

How to avoid the side effects of fillers?

These common side effects can be avoided primarily by choosing an experienced and highly skilled clinician, who has a comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy. Only a board certified dermatologist or cosmetic plastic surgeon can administer Face Filler injections. Never get injection in a beauty salon or at some home party. You can also the filler side effects by sharing your detailed medical history with your doctor. There are some medications as well as natural herbs that can react with fillers, causing mild to serious allergy symptoms.

How much will a face filler procedure cost?

Cost of face filler procedure varies based on the experience, qualification and reputation of the clinician performing the procedure. The geographic location of clinic also affects the cost of procedure. Be sure to check the procedure cost before agreeing for the treatment. Usually surgical facility cost and anesthesia fees are also included in the total cost of procedure but some clinics charge these fees separately. Ask your provider about all costs involved in your procedure.

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