What do Madonna and Demi Moore have in common? They both are 50 plus but still have wrinkle free face without any kind of sagginess in the hog jowls like most of the people have, even in their late 40s. Are these celebrities still young and is the natural youthfulness that people see on their faces? No, this is not their natural beauty; in fact they have eliminated facial wrinkles and plumped up saggy cheeks through face filler treatment. Even the seductress Jolie (Angelina Jolie) has her cheeks artificially augmented.

If you also want to add a fuller a look to your ageing face, then there is no easy way than plumping up sagging cheeks with face fillers. Face fillers, also called “liquid facelifts” are injectable used to help you restore youthfulness to your face, primarily by plumping up sagging cheeks. However, they can also be used to fill in deep, etched lines on your face and enhance shallow facial contours. These fillers are called face lift as they offer most of the benefits of surgical facelift, and that too without a single scar. Another reason behind the popularity of these injectable is that they offer instant yet lasting results, that too without any downtime. One can have the procedure done during the lunch break hours and return right back to work. Effects of the procedure begin to appear immediately after the procedure, but there may be some swelling as well. Original effect of the treatment can be seen in a couple of days, after the swelling and bruising subsides. These fillers last in cheeks up to six months, and after that they dissolve into your skin and get excreted.

These soft tissue fillers are equally popular in the United Arab Emirates. There are numerous cosmetic surgery facilities offering face fillers for cheeks in Dubai. We also offers this elective procedure for saggy cheeks, that too at reasonable rates. To make sure that you get the desired results and highest level of satisfaction, our skilled dermatologists and cosmetic plastic surgeons perform the cosmetic procedure themselves, keeping the individual needs and aesthetic goals of each patient in mind.

Whether you want to eliminate deep etched wrinkles, plump up sagging cheeks, reshape your lips or improve the overall health and appearance of ageing skin, feel confident in choosing the services offered by us.

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