Facelift – best way to rejuvenate your face

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How Dermal Fillers Can Make You Look Young
May 23, 2017
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Facelift – best way to rejuvenate your face

Facelift best way to rejuvenate your face


Face is the most prominent feature of body that depicts your personality. People can judge you through your face as it throws your first expression on the person in front of you that remains there. Smooth, fresh and youthful facial skin make you look fresh and young as a whole. But at the same time, aging is a natural process and aging signs are inevitable and face is the very first feature that accepts the aging signs. Moreover if you’re eating habits are not proper and due to excessive exposure to the sun or other environmental factors, aging signs may appear sooner on your facial skin.

It’s obvious that aging signs appear on the skin (mostly in the form of saggy skin and wrinkles) but the question is how to treat these signs? Most of the women get its answer in home remedies or other products like anti-aging creams. But what if you get a fast and dramatic change in your face that changes and improves its entire look? Yes, it is possible through facelift. There is good news for those who are making their mind to have Face Fillers in Dubai and that is Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is there to serve you for this purpose and having facelift there will surely give you successful and satisfying results.

Before going for the procedure, you will obviously prefer to know how this procedure can help you out in rejuvenating your face. Facelift helps you out in dealing following inevitable and visible aging signs:

  • Sagging in the middle area of face.
  • Lines around the eyes, especially under the eyes.
  • Lines and wrinkles along nose extending to lips.
  • Fat that that has displaced or fallen.
  • Muscles in the lower face that are not toned.
  • Saggy skin and excessive fat accumulated in the area under the chin.

Procedure of facelift can also be performed in combination with brow lift or eyelid surgery. Procedure of facelift can either be performed as a whole or as mini facelift. Mini facelift is performed on the middle area of the face just.

Procedure of facelift involves making incisions that are made in the areas where they can be well hidden (in the natural creases of facial skin). In the procedure, skin is lifted, connective tissues and muscles present beneath the skin are repositioned. Excessive fat and excessive skin are also removed and then incisions are closed. Facelift procedure is performed under local anesthesia and it takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the extent of surgery.

It is important to mention here that facelift is a restorative procedure and it does not change basic appearance and can’t stop aging process though brings visible change in your appearance.

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