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Dermal fillers offer the instant way to eliminate facial wrinkles and lines as well as to restore the lost facial volume. And the best thing about these injectable fillers is that they offer a non-invasive, affordable alternative to surgical facelift. Facial fillers can also be used for enhancing facial contours by volumizing and plumping sagging cheeks.

These facial fillers – unlike Botox shots that work by relaxing the facial muscles – fill the lines and creases to diminish them and give you a more youthful appearance even in your 50s. Fillers help fill in the lines and scar depressions in less than half an hour and the results last from six months to a year and a half. Not every facial-filler is right for all types of wrinkle. Lines and crease on every part of the face need different types of fillers for best results. Our dermatologist dubai use the below listed fillers to help you look flawless and young forever for a long time.

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