How good are injectable fillers for your lips

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How good are injectable fillers for your lips

how good are injectable fillers for lips

Are you not happy with the appearance of your lips? Are they too thin for your face? Do they disappear as you smile? Well, then there’s a quick and easy way to help you make your lips lusciously thick and voluptuous.

Yes, injectable lip fillers in dubai  are an excellent and very effective way to enhance the shape and volume of thin lips. They are directly injected into the lips to instantly increase their size and to make them look attractive. If you wish to have them to get rid of your own ugly lips, then here’s what you need to know!

You’ll Notice the Results Almost Immediately

Unlike other techniques of lip augmentation, the results from an injectable lip filler become obvious pretty quickly. Your lips will remain swollen for a while immediately after the treatment, but the swelling will calm down very soon and you will be able to notice the new shape within a couple of hours. This new shape of lips will then remain so for the next couple of months.

Lips Don’t Look Fake

Getting implants can make the lips too large for your face and the sudden increase in their size can make the lips look fake. However, with injectable fillers this isn’t the case. Once you have had your injections, your lips will grow slightly to the extent that the change will only be very subtle. Your lips will appear enhanced but they will continue to look very natural. And yes—they won’t feel any different than real lips while you kiss.

There’s NO Downtime Involved

Yes, absolutely none.

The entire procedure lasts about 20 minutes and the effects of anesthesia wears off soon after it. You can then go about your usual daily routine without any trouble.

However, just to be on the safe side, plan your treatment around weekend or a time when you won’t have to socialize much. This is a safety precaution for in case you develop any bruising.

There’s Control Over Lip Volume

Surgeons often have little control over the results of many cosmetic procedures. However, with filler injections the case is opposite.

Since the amount of substance that is injected into the lips can be controlled by a surgeon, s/he will insert just enough to achieve a pre-planned lip volume. Patients, thus, don’t have to worry about their lips being left very swollen or still very thin after the treatment.

Not Happy With the Results? No Problem!

If you don’t like the look and shape of your lips after the treatment then there isn’t much to worry about because results from injectable fillers aren’t permanent. Most fillers usually last 3 to 5 months, after which the lips begin to go back to their original shape. If you aren’t happy with the new shape you can stop takin any further injections. However, for those who love their new lips can go on to get as many injections as they please!

Side Effects are Very Rare!

Expect a little bruising here, a little swelling there—but that’s usually it. Lip fillers usually have no other side effects, and those you might already have heard or read about are very rare. Complications like infections and excessive bleeding usually happen due to a person’s choice of an inexperienced surgeon or use of unsafe materials. If you put yourself into the hands of a qualified and trained surgeon, such as those found here at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, then there’s little reason for you to worry about side effects.

Free Consultation

If you wish to enhance the appearance of your lips through fillers then you’ll be happy to know that we’re offering free consultations to all of our existing and new clients. You simply need to fill the form below and one of our representatives will get back in touch with you shortly. She’ll be more than happy to arrange your free consultation session with one of our highly trained and qualified lip enhancement surgeons. You can then discuss anything that is on your mind—without any follow-up obligations.

Stop waiting and book your free consultation NOW!

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