How Safe Are Injectable Dermal Fillers?

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July 29, 2015
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How Safe Are Injectable Dermal Fillers?


Aging is a natural and inevitable process that people are least bothered, until and unless they start getting wrinkles and fine lines. Another notable and unwelcome consequence of growing age is sagging skin. Skin from all over the body loses its suppleness and laxity over time but it becomes prominent particularly on face. There are numerous surgical procedures available to help erase these unsightly signs of aging, but they involve a great risk of scarring. This is the reason people usually avoid going under the knife for a revitalized, youthful appearance.

If you are also seeking a non-surgical solution for facial wrinkles and sagging skin, Dermal Fillers or Injectable Dermal Fillers may be an ideal option for you. It is a virtually non-invasive procedure for adding volume to the skin and enhancing a person’s facial contours to make it appear more youthful and revitalized. While an ideal candidate for fillers treatment is the one who is in his/her 30s or early 40s and have already started showing aging signs. Purpose of this treatment is not to prevent aging but to reverse the aging signs by plumping up sagging skin and adding volume to the deep etched creases. Besides camouflaging age related changes, it can also help enhance the shape and size of your lips and add volume to sunken cheeks.

How fillers treatment is performed?

It is a simple procedure performed in doctor’s office with and without anesthesia or numbing creams. Prior to the procedure, your doctor will mark the areas on your face with dots to make sure fillers are injected in the right areas. Once he or she has marked the areas, topical or local anesthesia will be administered to numb the skin. He will then inject the right dermal filler underneath the skin to give it desired shape and volume. The treated area is then gently massaged to ensure even distribution of filler that has just been administered.

Select the right filler:

Selecting the right filler is also important for the safety of the procedure and to obtain desirable results. Patients who intend to have dermal fillers treatment usually have the option to choose on the type of fillers to be used. But since a layman does not know much about different types of injectable fillers, doctor and patient should discuss different options before selecting one. Listed below are three most commonly used dermal fillers:

  1. Collagen filler: It is one of the primary constituents of almost every dermal filler and is obtained from bovine collagen. Before injection you will tested for allergic reaction to the bovine collagen. The surgeon will administer a small amount of filler on some hidden part of your body and wait for some time – few hours or a day or two – to make sure that don’t have any allergic reaction.
  2. Calcium Hydroxylapatite: It is another most commonly used type of dermal fillers. Doctors have been using this chemical in numerous medicines as well as for cosmetic applications. The key constituent of calcium hydroxylapatite is Radiesse – temporary yet long-lasting filler used for reshaping facial contours.
  • Collagen Stimulator: It is a procedure that is used for enhancing your body’s ability to produce collagen, and thus gives effects similar to that of dermal fillers. The person who undergoes this treatment does not get instant results but over the time, once the medicine starts showing its effects, one cannot even guess that a treatment has been done.

Results of dermal fillers treatment:

Dermal fillers treatment is not a permanent solution for concealing aging symptoms. However, it is fairly long-lasting with the results lasting for up to two years. Longevity of treatment depends on the type of filler used and how good an individual takes care of the treated areas post-procedure. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the areas where the fillers have been injected.

Experience and expertise of the person performing the procedure also play a vital role in determining safety of the injectable dermal fillers. Getting the fillers administered by an inexperienced doctor or some nurse practitioner can cause some serious side effects like embolism or vascular occlusion. Other common side effects include scarring, infection, inflammation and lumpy appearance.

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