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Today people are more concerned with their looks than they were a few years back. This increased concern and the wish to look youthful and attractive brings your attention towards cosmetic surgery solutions. Altering the size and shape of lips is also among the top cosmetic goals of people around the globe. Gone are the days when a small mouth and thin lips were considered as the symbol of beauty. Now every woman wishes to have a seductive pout just like the Hollywood queen Angelina Julie.

Demerits of lip augmentation surgery:

Are you also not satisfied with the size or shape of your lips? Are you also seeking effective ways to plump up your thin lips? There are numerous invasive and noninvasive procedures available to help you get fuller lips. But in an age when a number of options are available, you must pay an extra degree of attention to choose the right option for your body. Lip augmentation surgery is considered as the most effective way to permanently alter your lip size. But since it is a surgery, it involves a great degree of risks and complications. Furthermore, since its results are permanent, any further change or alteration will not be possible until and unless you opt for another lip surgery.

Lip fillers for instant, non-invasive lip augmentation:

If you are seeking a risk free, guaranteed way to plump up your thin lips and that too instantly, Lip augmentation in Dubai may be worth considering. The procedure involves injecting any natural or synthetic filler into the lips to add volume to them. Hyaluronic acid fillers are generally used for lip augmentation. These fillers are injected directly into the skin using hair thin needles. The procedure normally takes 10 to 15 minutes and the results are instant. Sine Lip fillers are safe and show results instantly; they are the favorite choice of celebrities, especially the members of Hollywood family.

Cost of Lip fillers:

Like any other cosmetic procedure, cost of lip fillers remains a cause of concern for the treatment seekers. Just like other things in life, Lip Fillers Cost also varies considerably from place to place and from one provider to another. There is no fixed rate or formula for determining cost of lip fillers. It varies from one person to another depending on the type of filler injected, technique used and the extent of change required. Short term fillers will cost you less as compared to long term fillers. Similarly, a small augmentation in lips will be less expensive than getting a fuller pout.

Factors affecting cost of Lip fillers:

There are various other factors as well that affect Lip Fillers Cost. These include,

  • The type of filler used
  • Experience and reputation of your doctor, and
  • The geographic location of your provider

Type of fillers used:

Fillers with longer life are expensive as compared to the ones that last for just a few months. So, if you opt for a filler type that lasts for more than a year, get ready to pay a handsome amount as well.

Experience of doctor:

Lip fillers Cost also depends upon the experience and reputation of the person performing the procedure. An experienced doctor with a good reputation in the market will obviously charge you more as compared to an inexperienced or relatively less known practitioner.

Geographic location of the provider:

Geographic location of your provider also plays a key role in determining the cost of treatment. Getting the lip fillers in Dubai or any other city in some developing country will cost you less than getting the same procedure done in a developed country like the United States or the United Kingdom.

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