Q: What is lip filler treatment?

A: Lip filler treatment, commonly known as lip augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure used to plump up thin lips and restore the fullness and volume of lips that is normally lost with age. The procedure can also be used to give your lips your desired size and shape.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: Any injection causes a little discomfort. But the pain associated with lip fillers is minimized by using anesthesia and pain medications. The type of anesthesia used depends on the technique. Most procedures use topical anesthetic while in some cases your practitioner may use local anesthesia, similar to the one you get during tooth extraction. To further minimize the discomfort of injection, hair thin imported needles are used during the procedure.

Q: How long does a lip filler procedure last?

A: The amount of time required to complete the procedure depends solely on the technique your clinician uses. It can last anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on the nature of filler being used and the magnitude of your desired lip volume or fullness.

Q: Where does a lip enhancement procedure take place?

A: Lip fillers are administered only in cosmetic surgery facilities well equipped with state of the art machinery and medications.

Q: How will my lips feel like after the procedure?

A: You may experience some swelling in lips after procedure, but it is normal and subsides at its own in a couple of hours. In some patients the swelling and redness may persist for a day or more, but this is very rare.

Q: When will I see the results?

A: Lip fillers redefine the size and shape of your lips instantly, so you will be able to see the results immediately after getting the treatment. However, initially your lips may seem a bit bigger than your size, but this may be because of swelling. You will see the results of treatment alone after the swelling diminishes in a few days.

Q: How long do the results last?

A: The longevity of procedure depends on the type of filler used and the technique used. Effects of temporary fillers last for up to six months, while permanent lip fillers usually last for 12 to 18 months.

Q: How much time will I need to take off from work post procedure?

A: The best thing about lip filler treatment is that it does not involve any downtime. You can resume your routine activities right after getting the injection. Since it is an office-based procedure done in a few minutes, you can safely drive home or office afterwards.

Q: Does insurance cover lip augmentation?

A: Lip augmentation is an elective procedure, solely performed for cosmetic purpose and like any other cosmetic procedure it is typically not covered by insurance. However, some amount of coverage may be available but you need to check that with your insurance company.

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