lip fillers

Laugh Lines

Eliminates the lines besides nose extending towards corners of mouth

“Reveal a younger-looking you”

Marionette Lines

Eliminates the lines appearing at the corners of mouth continuing to the jaw line

Reveal a younger-looking you


Eradicates fine vertical lines on the lips and plump them

Reveal a younger-looking you

Corners of the Mouth

Removes fine lines at the corners of lips

Reveal a younger-looking you

Lipstick Lines

Treat the area just below the nose and above the upper lip

Reveal a younger-looking you


Are you not satisfied with the shape of your lips? Do you wish to have a seducing pout like the sexy Angelina Julie? Seeking some non-invasive way to plump up thin lips? Or it is the wrinkling around the lips that you want to get rid of? Whatever is the case with you, we have a single solution – Lip augmentation and rejuvenation. Get Lip Fillers in Dubai now and reveal a younger-looking you.

What causes wrinkles around lips?

questionAs you age your skin loses its freshness and flexibility, your face starts to lose its volume and so does the lips, giving the feel of “disappearing lips”. The upper lip particularly gets the ageing effect more than the lower one. This loss of lip volume not only reduces the surface area for application of lipstick, but also gives and older look to your lips. You must have noticed lipstick bleeding through the vertical lines around the lips of older women. Yes that looks so horrible, but the million dollar question is that “is there any cure?”

Non-invasive lip augmentation:

For decades people have been undergoing lip augmentation surgeries to enhance the appearance of ageing lips. Lip augmentation in Dubai and Lip rejuvenation have been two most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedures of late 90s. Even people today are seeking these surgical procedures quite often. But why go under the knife when you can have your desired lip size or shape with Lip fillers in Dubai? Lip fillers nowadays offer a non-invasive treatment option to plump up sagging lips. These injectable can be used to softly enhance the appearance of your lips by giving fullness and definition to them that looks and feels more natural.

girlWhat are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are injectable – both natural and synthetic – that are injected into lips to plump up thin lips and eliminate deep etched wrinkles around the lips. The most commonly used fillers contain a chemical similar to hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance present in your body responsible for keeping your skin hydrated and taut. Another substance used in preparation of lip fillers is collagen, but it is used less often nowadays. Three hyaluronic acid fillers used for Lip Enhancement in Dubai nowadays are Restylane®, Perlane® and JUVÉDERM®.

What to expect during the procedure?

Prior to the procedure, your surgeon will apply some topical anesthesia to numb the treatment area and make the procedure virtually painless. It will be just like the anesthetic injection that you get before tooth extraction. Your doctor will then carefully mark the areas of treatment. Once the areas have been marked, the surgeon will carefully inject the right filler into your lips using very fine imported needles. After administering the filler, the doctor will gently massage the treated areas to ensure even distribution of the substance just injected into the lips.

How long does it take to complete the procedure?

clockIt is a simple and safe procedure performed in the doctor’s office with virtually no downtime. Often regarded as lunch time procedure, lip fillers administration hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes. The patients simply come to the clinic, get the injection and go back to work immediately afterwards. The best thing about these injectable is that there is no down time associated with them and you can resume your normal activity immediately after getting the treatment. Nonetheless, your doctor may advise you not to wear makeup for a couple of hours or more, depending on your condition and physical strength, after getting the injection.

How lip fillers work?

To redefine the size of your lip or to enhance the lip contour, these soft tissue fillers are injected directly into the border of your upper and/or lower lips using hair thin sterilized needles. The filler adds instant volume to the lips giving them not only your desired size or shape but also a younger and plumper look. You can also use the same injectable to eliminate vertical lines around your lips. Normally Botox injections are used to treat facial wrinkles, but dermal fillers offer a close and safe substitute for these anti-aging injections.

Post-procedural care:doctor

  • Use ice to alleviate any discomfort or swelling on the treated areas
  • Avoid applying firm pressure on the treatment area as this can disfigure your lips
  • Avoid putting on makeup like lipsticks and lip balms immediately after the procedure
  • Do not expose your lips to direct sunlight for at least a couple of weeks after the treatment

Are there any side effects?

Lip enhancement through fillers is a very safe procedure that rarely causes any side effects or complications. However, getting the procedure done by an inexperienced doctor or some nurse practitioner could cause lip asymmetry or lumps and irregularities in lips. Some common, not so serious side effects of lip fillers treatment include:

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Bleeding from the sites of injection
  • Redness and mild to moderate itching at the injection sites
  • Infection and allergic reactions are also possible, but they are very rare

Call your doctor immediately if you notice unusual swelling in your lips.

Benefits of Lip Fillers in Dubai:benefits

  • Lip fillers give the doctor complete control over lip volume
  • Its results are not permanent so if you don’t like your lip size or shape you can simply reverse it
  • If any lumps or bumps formed in or around the lips can be dissolved easily
  • Since it is a non-invasive procedure, no stitching and scarring is involved
  • Though results of lip fillers are not permanent, they last for a considerable time – up to a year and a half

Is it a painful procedure?

Since lips are one of the most sensitive facial features, a local anesthesia is first applied to the treatment area to make sure that they are numb. The injectable are then very carefully administered into the targeted areas on the lips.

Lip fillers cost:

price-tagLike any other cosmetic procedure, lip fillers cost in Dubai varies significantly from one practitioner to another. There are several factors that contribute in determining cost of your treatment including:

  • The size of area of treatment
  • Extent of change that you wish
  • Experience and reputation of your provider
  • Geographic location of your provider

Before and After:


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