Quick Tips on Lip Augmentation and Enhancement

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July 15, 2015
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September 9, 2015
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Quick Tips on Lip Augmentation and Enhancement


Do you wish to have a sensuous and seductive pout? Are you seeking non-surgical, affordable ways to plump up thin, unattractive lips? Rejoice! You have come to the right place. Here we will share with you some simple tips and tricks, following which will help you make your lips look bigger naturally and instantly.

Exfoliate your lips:

Regular exfoliation is necessary for removing dead skin cells from your lips and to make them look smoother and plumper. This also stimulates blood circulation in the lips, adding a rosy hue to them and creating a temporary swollen effect. Use a clean, soft-bristled brush to exfoliate your lips after you have brushed your teeth. You can also use coarse sugar for lip exfoliation. After exfoliating the lips, moisturize them with some unscented lip balm. This helps restore softness and prevents the lips from becoming dry and parched.

Use makeup:

Makeup artists use simple tips and tricks to create an illusion of bigger and plumper lips. Always wear dark colored lipsticks. Wearing different shades of red and pink lipstick make the lips fuller and more prominent. To further enhance the effect of a lipstick, use it with a lip liner. Using the same color lip liner as your lipstick, mark an unflattering border around your lips. If you have thin lips, apply the liner just outside the natural border of your lips. Make sure you completely blend the lipstick and the liner to create a more natural look. Never use a liner from brown tones; rather, stick with the shades of red and pink.

Lip plumper:

There are numerous lip plumper available in the market. These are synthetic products that intend to create temporary fuller and plumper lips by irritating the skin to a controlled rate, making them appear slightly swollen. This adds a subtle fuller and plumper look to the lips. Apply lip plumper before wearing lipstick and/or lip gloss. To make your own lip plumper at home, add one to two drops of peppermint essential oil to the petroleum jelly and use it as a regular lip balm. Peppermint oil improves blood circulation and brings more blood to the surface of lips, causing them to swell slightly.

Lip fillers:

The above stated tips for lip augmentation are highly temporary. Their effects last hardly for a few hours. If you are seeking a lasting solution for thin lips, lip fillers may be worth considering. Though the volume added to lips by fillers is also temporary, but it lasts for several months – anywhere between 6 and 18 months. A skilled dermatologist of cosmetic surgeon will inject the fillers into the lips to give them an instant fuller and plumper appearance. Three most commonly used lip fillers include Restylane, Perlane and Teosyal.

While lip augmentation surgery is the only way to get your desired lip size and shape, it is not always the best way to get a seductive pout, as it can cause many unpleasant consequences, including permanent scarring and bad, unsatisfactory results. If you are not satisfied with your lip shape, simply follow the above stated non-invasive techniques and flaunt fuller and sensuous lips.

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