Sculptra Treatment for the Best Contours

sculptraTo all beauty enthusiasts, face contour is one of the most in demand beauty enhancement therapy. Although contouring the face can be easily done by makeup and other cosmetic products, the effects do not last longer compared to when you seek for Sculptra fillers. Ever seen the contour and highlight makeup video made by Kim Kardashian? Well, that is what contouring is all about; highlighting the good features and shadowing the not so good ones. The goal for Sculptra filler works the same way, though the process and longevity of the effect is way different than when you rely on makeup alone.

Sculptra® is a liquid injectable filler like juvederm that can help reshape and restore the whole aesthetic of the face. Unlike the other dermal fillers, Sculptra focuses more on re-contouring the face to restore its youthful appearance. Aging is an irreversible matter and there is nothing we can do that can totally end this dilemma. It is a known fact as well that the early signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and loose, sagging skin can make the face look old and tired. Luckily, advance technology and science has created something to delay all these aging dilemmas. Although, it cannot totally stop aging, Sculptra fillers can literally fill in the hollow crevices of the faces and erase the most severe effects of aging.

Best Candidates for Sculptra® Fillers

Sculptra® fillers are best for people who seek to reverse the signs of aging. Individuals that wish to recontour the hollows of their cheeks, soften their sharp boney cheekbones, add volume to their hollow sunken cheeks and define their jawline are the best Sculptra filler candidates.  It is deeply advised that patients with low immune system are not good candidates for this type of dermal filler for this treatment requires four sessions that needs to be done in a short span of time. Healthy immune system means the patient can easily heal and a good candidate for this type of treatment needs that one very important factor. Sculptra fillers have high allergic reactions to people who have sensitive skin. Skin test before the actual treatment should be highly recommended. Individuals who are keloid former and who can be scarred easily are also not a good candidate for Sculptra fillers. Another important reminder for patients who seek this type of treatment, Sculptra fillers are only allowed on certain parts of the face and can be risky when injected in areas they are not allowed to be injected. Sculptra fillers should never be used for erasing frown lines around the forehead and around the mouth region. It is especially risky around the eye region and is not advisable to use for lip enhancement treatment as well. Sculptra is not recommended for the areas mentioned for these parts of the face consist of the thinnest skin which can be prone to visible temporary bumps.

A Very Important Reminder

Sculptra® treatment needs the best knowledgeable and expert cosmetic doctor, for Sculptra filler can be difficult to inject compared to other dermal fillers. Once injected, it takes an expert hand to massage the filler and contour it properly for maximum effects. If the injector does not know the proper ways of massaging and recontouring, the worst thing that could happen is the appearance of visible hideous bumps on your face.

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