Thinking of Having Fillers? Things You Need to Know Prior to Booking a Procedure

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August 21, 2017
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Thinking of Having Fillers? Things You Need to Know Prior to Booking a Procedure

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As a beauty editor, I believe in trying things myself prior to recommending it to others. Well, this philosophy doesn’t always work in my favor. I first had my fair share of bad experience with fillers about 8 years ago. That’s when I decided that I will never go for fillers again. But, my fine lines and wrinkles were crying for some help that’s why I am revisiting fillers now and moreover I am no needle naysayer.

How the Face Ages?

To understand how fillers for cheeks in Dubai or elsewhere can help your appearance, you need to understand how your face ages in the first place. For beginners, it’s not the wrinkled appearance that makes us look old but it’s the hollows and sagging skin. The fat pat on the cheeks thin as individual ages which make us look years older than we actually are.

How do Fillers Help?

Fillers for cheeks in Dubai or elsewhere revive the lost volume of the cheeks and pull out the wrinkles. That sounds great but you need to do your homework on the dermatologist/surgeon and the cosmetic clinic.

The consultation plays a key role in determining whether you have met the right surgeon or not. You need to tell him/her what you don’t like about your face and s/he should be able to the reason and the suitable solution otherwise you can end up with a lumpy look.

Pressing Stop or At least a Pause on Aging

At the age of 41, it was better to for fillers that for a full-blown facelift. My doctor told me that it was better to start early instead of coming to the dermatologist office at the age of 60. He told me that the fillers will restore my facial contours, and the micro needling will boost the production of collagen which will help prevent future wrinkles. I bought a picture with me for reference when I was 30 years old. It was certainly a great decision as my doctor was easily able to detect the changes I had undergone. I had lost volume in my cheeks and had developed laugh lines. He then marked my face and was ready to work the filler magic.

The fillers were injected into my skin with very fine needles which were great as I experienced negligible pain and there was no bruising afterward. The results were remarkable. There was no swelling, only slight redness and my problems were fixed in a matter of minutes. It looked like I had turned into my 30-year-old self again.

The Verdict

There is no such change on my face that screams fillers. I mean I definitely look a lot younger but no one can quite tell what’s the difference. It’s nothing as dramatic as a nose job. If I compare my old self to the new one, the lost volume in my cheeks has perked right back up and lines around my mouth have faded away. I would highly recommend it for everyone looking to inject some youth back into their faces.

Key Things to Consider

  • Make sure to do your research. Unlike cosmetic surgery, fillers remain unregulated. Seek different opinions from different clinics and doctors and never feel pressured to settle down after a consultation. Make sure you trust the doctor 100% prior to going ahead with fillers for cheeks in Dubai or elsewhere.
  • Stick to temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, especially if it’s your first time getting them done. Even if the results are not what you expect them to be, they won’t last a lifetime
  • HA technology has advanced in the recent years a lot. They are softer and easier to mold. Hence, they look natural and you don’t look like you have changed your entire facial structure.
  • There’s a limit to how much you can achieve with a filler. You can plump up the skin, restore lost volume but you cannot expect to look like a 20-year-old when you are 80. Keep your expectations realistic.

If you have anymore questions regarding the treatment, feel free to leave them down and we will get back to you. You can also use our chat section alternatively.



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