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As we age our skin changes. It not only loses its texture and suppleness but also begins to sag. The outermost layer of the skin becomes thin and the face also loses its volume, primarily due to reduction in fat deposits underneath facial skin, and the consequences are – lose and wrinkled skin, sagging cheeks, uneven skin texture and other such skin deformities.

If you are also seeking effective ways to get rid of wrinkles plus restoring a smooth and clear youthful skin by removing wrinkles, Wrinkle Fillers may be the option for you.

What are Wrinkle Fillers?

Wrinkle fillers of soft-tissue fillers are FDA approved injectable medications that add a plumper and smoother look to the facial skin by clearing away wrinkles, creases and expression lines. In simple words, it is an anti-aging formula that instantly fills in facial wrinkles and depressions giving you a visibly smooth and younger skin .Wrinkle fillers can be natural, like fat from your own body, as well as synthetic, but the results of both of them are equally satisfying.

Different types of Wrinkle Fillers:

There are a number of wrinkle fillers – both natural and synthetic – available in the market that the dermatologists and cosmetic plastic surgeons use to plump up your skin. These include:

Collagen: Collagen wrinkle fillers replenish your skin’s natural collagen (a naturally occurring chemical that keeps your skin moist and elastic). These fillers help smooth facial lines and elevate scar depressions.

Fat from thighs or abdomen: Fat from these parts of the body makes one of the best natural wrinkle fillers. The best thing about injecting fat is that there is no risk of allergic reaction and most of the times its effects are long lasting. Several injections may be required for ample results.

Hyaluronic acid: It is also a naturally occurring substance that gives skin volume and fullness. It fills in the space between the elastic fibers and collagen, restoring the natural volume that is lost with aging.

Calcium hydroxyapatite: It is a semi-permanent filler that is used to add volume to your face by increasing soft tissues.

Risks associated with wrinkle fillers:

Side effects caused by these injectable fillers are divided into three categories – i) common side effects, ii) less common side effects and iii) very rare side effects

1- Common side effects:

Common side effects of wrinkle fillers include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Itching, and/or
  • Rash at the injection site

2- Less common side effects:

Less common side effects reported by the patients after getting wrinkle fillers include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Infection or a sore at the injection site
  • Open or draining wounds
  • Necrosis (tissue death)
  • Raised bumps under the skin that may require a surgery for their removal

3- Very rare side effects of wrinkle fillers:

Wrinkle fillers have also been reported to cause some relatively serious side effects. However, these side effects are quite rare. These include:

  • Spread of filler in the areas surrounding the injection site
  • Blurred vision and flu-like symptoms

Unapproved uses of wrinkle fillers:

The U.S Food and Drug Association has approved wrinkle fillers for treating moderate to severe creases and wrinkles, as well as for localized facial fat loss. However, the association has not approved these injectable fillers to:

  • Augment or reshape facial features
  • Enhance skin of hands or feet
  • Increase buttocks size
  • Increase Breast size
  • Implant into muscle

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